Are you able to view pop-ups?

The MyUtilityBill payment web site uses pop-ups during the payment process. If your computer is blocking pop-ups, below are instructions for several common Internet browsers for handling pop-up blockers.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. In the Internet Explorer Tools menubar, click Pop-up Blocker, then click Pop-up Blocker Settings.
  2. In the Exceptions section, add the following website to the "Address of website to allow" field:
  3. Click Add, then click the Close button.


  1. From the main page, click the Settings icon .
  2. In the Options screen, click the Content icon.
  3. In the Block pop-up windows section, click Exceptions.
  4. Enter the MyUtilityBill URL in the Address of Website field, click Close, then click OK.

For more information, visit the Firefox Mozilla page at

Google Chrome

To manually allow pop-ups from a site, follow the stops below:

For more information, visit the Chrome website at

Safari Web Browser